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Hogar San Pablo
Father Tovar's Home for Boys. ..Hogar San Pablo,  is an orphanage in Mazatlan, Mexico that Laura M does volunteer work for each year. Click on the button to see the progress they have made in improving living conditions for the children.

Sister’s and Brother’s by Heart
is a communal effort through the
Tres Isle Orphanage Fund and
Laura M of Saratoga, WY and
friends around the United States. 
It all began with a simple idea to celebrate a birthday,
little did we know it was the birth of a new adventure.


Laura M and Donnelle Manton have been friends since the age of 11 where they met as angels in a church play, “The Christmas Story.”  They have been friends for life.  Last May 2004 a group of 9 people-Laura’s dearest friends-ventured down to Mazaltan, Mexico to celebrate their 50the birthdays by volunteering to paint and repair the kitchen and one bathroom n a boys Orphanage known as Hogar San Pablo.  The impact of the orphanage touched our lives forever.  We began our “labors of love” at 8 am and worked non stop until 6pm.  What we were able to accomplish in one day was amazing. Cleaning, scrubbing, painting, re-grouting and repairs.  We raised enough money to buy a new refrigerator and hot water heater for the kitchen, later we were able to raise enough for a stainless steel sink.

 2005 was unbelievable on how so many people from all over the USA can pull together to give our boys a new home.

With the joint efforts of all the sister's brothers we were able to achieve more than we could hope for.  A special thank you to the town of Saratoga, WY, Dora Valdez, Brion Null, Gary Seymore, Al and Marta Grunsky, and two of the most important people Lenda and John McKay, and all of there friends who helped.

Thank you and God Bless,
Laura M and Donnelle Manton.

You may download a donation form at this site. Please mark on it toward the Sister’s and Brother’s by Heart Project 2005.

If you have any questions please contact me at 1-800-251-3505 or email at

I would know like to share with you our adventure.


Donnelle is holding the youngest girl at he girls orphanage we visited while in Mazatlan, Al and Marta raises around $2300 with the help of their friends in Florida
Say Hi to Marta and Al, They were god sent Donnelle was the only one who knew Marta and when the arrived it was like we all had known each other for years.


Dora recruited Gary and Brion to help us in this years projects. It was so nice to have all the guys helping us with all the projects we had to do.



Father Tovar was glad to see all of us when we arrived. I could not believe the changes that were made from the help of all of you. Thank you Laura M


John and Lenda McKay live in Mazatlan. Lenda over sees the projects with all 4 of the Orphanages that Tres Isles sponsors. They are angel to the kids and have made such a difference in their lives as well as ours. Thank you for all you do.

We could not believe the new kitchen, Top of the notch equipment, stainless steal work area, sink, counter tops.

I said I could move down here and start a burrito factory in this. Words can not explain how the boys and father felt when seeing the completed project.




When Donnelle and I arrived on Sunday we had a chance to see the boys.  When we went into the recreation room that were going to redo the boys were watching a DVD and sitting on the floor.
Gary and Al jumped on the roofing project and finished 3 roofs that day. It was so hot they were champs.
And it was off to Wal-Mart and Sam's club for shopping for the kids new recreation room.

It was so much fun to coordinate all the items for the room.

Thanks to all of you.

Wish you could of been there.


The boys were eager to help and dug right in. They were so cute as we painted and painted and painted some more.


We were able to complete the recreation room in 2 days as well as work on the computer room.

The boys laughed and worked so hard and took so much pride in what they did.



Working side by side with all of us can not be measured with words.
The Love we all felt for the boys, Father Tovar and the sisters can only be measured by the smiles on our faces.



After the boys made sure I cleaned up all of the paint splashes off the floor, Christian took my hand and lead me into the boys locker room and pointed upward and said "paint"  They were so proud of what we had done and what they helped us to do they wanted everything to be nice. This will be one of our next projects to redo the lockers and walls and tile the floor.



Gary and Dora had brought a computer from the states and then purchased a new desk for it. The boys helped to finish the project.

After we had finished the room we had a party to present it to the boys.  The floor was retiled after we left and will share it with you upon completion.
Father ToVar was delighted with all the work and love put in for his boys. Father has been at Hogar San Pablo since he was 29 years old.

Thank you Father for doing such wonderful job with all the boys you have raised.

Laura M